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Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Of The Hottest And Dirtiest Jobs Done

Finally the most difficult, longest, dirtiest and most sweat producing job is done for the year. Getting the firewood in. We cut it in the woods, haul it home on our small trailer, split the logs, stack it and that took us a full 3 1/2 months this year. Now we are ready for the winter firewood burning season. The photo below depicts an area about 12' wide, 20' long, and about 4' deep.
The second photo depicts a wood shed full of cut, split dry firewood.
This is our major task of the summer and all other jobs pale in comparison. This is a back breaking slow and time consuming job in which we have to deal with carrying those logs out of the woods, swatting at biting flies, stumbling over branches and other debris, but it will keep us nice and cozy this winter. Every one of those logs that are large enough had to be split with a maul and carried to the wood shed. One more year we have the rough job done and glad to have it behind us. Ahhhhhh


Mike McFall said...

Man O Man I can emagine your feeling of accomplishment....Looks Good!! CONGRATULATIONS!

barbara said...

WOW is all I've got to say about that job! My goodness, gracious me! You certainly are a mountain man Bruce!!! Winter, did you say winter? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, I don't want to even think about that right now! Barbara