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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cycling professionals.

We get away when we are able to re socialize with other's of our species and were we ever surprised to discover that the U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge would be passing right past our campground. We were even more surprised to discover that we had as many police officers and units in our State as we do. As we waited by the side of the road we noticed the tremendous preparation that had to take place to block off a major highway for this event.

As the cyclists went past us we saw the perfection of planning being carried out. Those guys ride very close to each other as they come down the road and the leaders were a minute or two ahead of the remainder of the pack. The Tour de France winner Cadel Evans, was in the main group and not leading as we would have expected. The car in the first photo had loud speakers and came along giving the play by play of the race. These guys will race 131 miles today, cross two mountain passes, and get some rest tonight and repeat the race tomorrow.

Two words come to my mind when watching them go past us today is stamina and endurance. They are well conditioned and this race is not only good for Colorado but is one of the major races in the world that attracts cyclists from all over the world.

Below are photos of the event as it passed us today.

Here is the main body of the riders. They have photographers accompany them all the way, a helicopter covering them from above, supply vehicles, more police than I have ever seen before in one place, ambulances, and vehicles of every description.
The above photo is of the main body of riders.
This last photo is of the leaders as they passed us. I never knew that this type event could be this exciting.


Deirdre said...

I thought I had already seen this and almost deleted it. It has some different shots in it, though. I had no idea how many people were strung out over that distance. It had sounded a little scary to me before, but now I see that with the van, the copter, and this many stouthearted companions, if one got into trouble -- there would be immediate help, night or day. How really nice. .... Never know what you are gonna see when you live out in nowhere, where no one ever goes --- except a bevy of cyclists! :) Not to mention the birds and the bears. ;) I do think y'all need to set at least one of those cameras up, like your friends have. Think what you might see. There really is no tellling! Just the time lapse of pics from a pretty spot in the forest or arcing over toward the mountains might glean you some really spectacular seasonal or day/night or sun/snow, etc shots. Just a thought. You five live with such magnificence around you. I am glad. :)

Bruce said...

Deirdre: We bought one of those camera's from Walmart just prior to our camping trip. Have it set up for surveillance on the house. When we get home we will set it up for wildlife. Should be fun..