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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Looking outside this morning and saw a whole line of turkeys coming down the mountain. There were 11 very large turkeys. If you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can see them much better. Thought it was a good enough event to share with readers.


Deirdre said...

We love wild turkeys! We used to have a female who was our buddy; she'd come up every single evening while we were outside at the barbecue grill -- probably that got started because it was where alot of the bird feeders were. She would eat her fill and it was just great that she wasn't scared. (We did have to keep our cockerspaniel inside, though, while she was visiting.) Anyway, she had babies and that was super great. And then it got to be hunting season. One afternoon she just didn't come back -- made me feel very guilty that maybe our friendship had taken the edge off of fear of humans and she let one get too close. I am glad all your forest friends are safely tucked away on their mountain top home!

Bruce said...

We used to have one like that too. We called her put-put because she would come to the back window and put until I would take her out some hen scratch. When I would go down to the creek to dig worms to go fishing she would come right along and usually got a worm or two tossed her way. Then one day we saw a mountain lion and even though I covered the side of the mountain looking for any residual evidence there was none. Put-put just decided that it was no longer safe so moved on. Hopefully out of reach of that lion.