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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bull Elk Bugling

Here is the photo of the elk bugling. Note him facing the camera in the background. If you click on the photo's they enlarge. Imagine having this activity in your back yard. The animals seem to know they are safe here and therefore they come right up close to the house.


Russell said...


Deirdre said...

Oh! I love it! Is he talking to her or to other males? Do you know? The hay was a super idea. How about putting some more salt out? Would that disturb them? Your and Carol's scents had to be on the hay, though, right? I don't suppose there is anyway to get sound on that camera?

Bruce said...

His harem had drifted in two areas and we think he may have been calling them back together. The main herd was up the mountain and these had lingered for another mouthful of hay. He didn't sound pleased with the lingering ones, and a couple bugles and they left to join the rest of the herd. We tossed the hay out as it had served its purpose, don't want them to hang around to eat but they do know they are safe in our yard so they hang around for safety. Any poacher that would dare to come around would have a very angry man hunting them instead of the other way around. Those guys are pretty safe out back me thinks. Nope, no way to get sound on the camera but I can tell you their bugle is awe inspiring. Really cool.