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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall And Preparation:

I don't often cross post on our personal blog site my blogs for Mother Earth News, but thought I would on this occasion. Here is the site to check out how we have to get ready for winter which looks like it may soon be upon us. City and urban homesteaders can call for various services to get pipes drained, sprinkler systems serviced but we are left for the most part to do it ourselves and it is time consuming.
Here is the link to my Mother Earth News site on preparation:

Hope you enjoy the effort it takes to be prepared here in the mountains.
Also, the photo above is from our trail camera out back and we just never know what may pass through its lens. In this case elk...


Barbara J. Galasso said... reap the rewards of your hard labor.....a place to nest and snuggle while nature is doing her thing all around you! Enjoyed the article!

Deeda said...

Dream on! May the magic of your soon to be winter wonderland match the efforts you have put in to enjoy its austere beauty.... and don't lose that ice chipping and chopping tool -- just in case! Happy autumn in your golden aspen land.