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Friday, October 14, 2011

Internet -( what a unique and wonderful place to go)

Every once and awhile I Google my name. Seems when you get as old as I am there are more pages than I can even keep up with. This morning I checked myself out on the internet and found an interview that I had done in 1978. I don't even know that the internet was around then but check out my interview in the Daytona Beach Florida newspaper.,1484627

If you have never checked to see what is available on yourself, type your name into the search engine and click on search the web and you may be amazed. One time when I checked I found over 24 pages on myself and it is probably more than that now. I have never had time to go all the way through each of them but like this morning - it will take you down memory lane.

What a unique and interesting way to see things you may have forgotten. I had forgotten this interview but do recall speaking to various groups in Central Florida. I was booked two years in advance and when I would go to speak and eat that rubber chicken dinner I never knew if I would be addressing 5 people or 5,000. Sometimes I would go with Dave Cox the Florida State Biologist and we would do a dog and pony show about the perils of the St. John's River.

Ahhhhh, the memories...

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