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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not To Be Put Off Until The Future

We have learned living where and how we do not to wait for tomorrow for what we can do today. That is especially true for cowboy breakfast. Snow is forecast for later this morning and in fact flurried almost all the while I was cooking breakfast outside. It would nave been nice to cook breakfast outside for Carol's birthday but we have several days of snow forecast between now and then. I don't want to shovel out the cook stove more than once a week.

Therefore we had my special potatoes, fixed just right and fried spam and eggs. Pretty hard to cook outside when the air temperature is freezing, in snow flurries, and the wood stove is cranking out as much heat as it can. It all worked out well though, and breakfast was especially good even with the cold and snow. Hard to tell when we will be able to do this again, maybe if we get a break in the winter weather it is possible, or then again, maybe Spring.

Takes a lot of work to shovel out the heavy snow around the cook stove. It also helps if you don't want an early lunch to get up and get going on preparation around 4:30 AM. Doing breakfast outside this time of year (even though we eat it inside) is a real labor of love. When we had friends recently in order to have it ready I had to get up at 4:00 AM in order to have it ready at 9:00 AM. Wish I had a scratch and sniff feature on this blog so all could at least enjoy the aroma.


Carol said...

and it was delicious! thanks for the early birthday breakfast, B. :)+ xoxooxx

Deirdre said...

One of the wonders and subsequently one of the wonderful things about the way you two live is the gusto with which you approach life. It is never a burden, always a joy. How marvelous to think that fixing you and your wife Cowboy Breakfast is special enough to get up so early and go to so much trouble. It is not exactly where you live that makes a large part of yours and Carol's adventure: It is, rather, how well you live your life.

Barbara J. Galasso said...

Hey Bruce when you do all this cooking outside, does it attract the wild animals to come closer to your bear,etc?

Bruce said...

Barbara: I have always wondered why it didn't attract them but it never has. I've had deer come up and stand a few feet away while I cook, but never a predator. I talk to the deer and tell them how wonderful they are and they are safe here.
Once we had a flock of wild turkeys march past less than 12' away and the deer walking along with them sniffing them. Never so much as a bear or anything has appeared. They can smell food up to a mile away too but must not like my cooking much, cause they have never come by. Or maybe it is because the animals consider this a safe haven and are on their best behavior here. Bears and large cats come by but have never done so when I'm cooking outside.