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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Labor Of Love

A balmy 15 degrees outside, wind blowing 30+ MPH, wind chill -5 degrees and I decided to shovel out the 16" of fresh snow we got two days ago. That is where the dogs go potty and it is frustrating for them to find a place with deep snow to do their business. With 133" of snowfall total so far this year and it just turned to the winter season today it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place for the snow.

As the photo depicts there are pathways throughout the back yard. I toss as much as I can over the fence but that is getting pretty deep outside the fence too. The piles inside the yard are now around 6' deep, and the hard pack snow on the ground is a foot thick. And today is just the first day of winter!

Need to get that snow out of here today as tonight another storm is coming through and the forecast is for another 11". Usually when they forecast one foot we end up with two feet, so who knows how much more is in store for us.


Bruce said...

Snow plow just came down the road as I was digging out driveway markers that are 4' and buried.
I would not want that plow operators job, he was pushing a pile of snow at least 20' in front of him. Then to get it off the road he had to turn his wheels at a sharp angle and couldn't move the berm of snow to get it off the road. No going out today as the wind is howling and the snow is drifting fast. That guy has a tough job trying to move that snow.

Patricia said...

Ahhh... life in the Rockies. Wouldn't mind a little bit of snow here in Dallas, but we can't handle much.

I hope all your snow fills up Colorado's lakes and streams. Mountain Home Reservoir and the Rio Grande were pretty darn dry by the end of last summer.

Deirdre said...

You would be miserable in Hawaii! Have fun in your snowy landscape. It looks cold - and happy!