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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living Remote

I just posted a blog for Mother Earth News about living remote and the things that need to be considered. Some just barge in and don't think it through and others give it a lot of thought beforehand. We gave it much thought and prepared. The blog article explains some of the thought process we went through.

Hope it will give those planning to move out into the boonies something to think about and make good decisions. To those who are unsure, maybe it will help you too. Enjoy.


spotty dog farm said...

Hey- we are down here in Nuevo Mexico and i just read your article on mother earth.hope it keeps a few city slickers out for ya.

farmer alex

Bruce said...

Hey Farmer Alex: Glad to have you post here. I didn't know it was that obvious about those who want to bring the city to the high mountains here, glad I got my point across. Enjoy your time down in Nuevo. Hope to see you back here.
As I told the asst. editor for MEN it just doesn't seem that sense is so common anymore. Seems like people like to move to our area and then bitch about their hair dresser being 50 miles away, their feet get bruised from walking on rock with designer shoes, and they want to change it to be like the city where they can have pavement every where and everything done for them by others. Here we do it our selves or a lot doesn't get done. Thanks for your comment,don't be a stranger.