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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wildfire Mitigation - Start Early

Tree trimmer floundering in the snow. Snow was deeper than I thought and was waist deep. I miscalculated that it might be a foot deep. Took a lot more work than I expected to get to the tree just to cut a few limbs. When you are waist deep in snow when you use your arms to try to right yourself they go in too. The more you wiggle the deeper you go. I ended up with snow in my sweat shirt pockets, pants pockets and boots full. I had visions of freezing to death within feet of the house. Finally worked my self free and got the limbs trimmed.

If you want to read the whole episode go to Mother Earth News at

An interesting read.


Barbara said...

It's not nice to fool with "Mother Nature" Bruce! LOL! Barbara

Margaret said...

Certainly did get your exercise!