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Friday, April 27, 2012

Things Change Fast In The Mountains

Here is the last of the photo cam photos from last year.  It is about time I can put the photo cam back out again for more photos.  It looks much the same today as it did last Fall when this photo was taken.  Yesterday the ground was dry where we could walk on dry ground down to the swing at the end of our property and sit and swing and enjoy the quiet and a Bud Light, together.

This morning there are three inches of fresh wet snow on the ground and it looks much like the photo above absent the deer wading through the fresh snow.  When the sun comes out this snow will melt away and in a few days we will have dry ground again.  In the meantime we will wait so it will be safer to work outside.  We have already cut some dead trees up into firewood or lengths where they can be handled.  The limbs which come from the dead trees and those that have broken off over the winter are all in piles to be mulched.  That will have to wait for another day with the new snow.

Not much goes to waste around here.  That mulch will be used on wet muddy spots to stabilize the ground. The dead trees will be cut for firewood.  We have already provided a full load for some friends and have  two more sets of friends that will come and get more firewood (weather permitting).  It gives those who heat with a wood stove like us fuel for next year and it removes a source of potential wildfire hazard for us.  We have enough dead trees to supply a dozen folks and more die each winter. The supply of potential firewood is almost endless.

It has been nice to walk on dry ground and work outside but waking up this morning to three inches of fresh snow tells us that 'snow season' is not quite over yet.  Hope my radishes which I started inside and replanted in an Earth Box outside survive the wet snow and 30 degree temperature.  Also have a starter box of carrots to plant outside but timing here is everything and I may have jumped the gun on the radishes.  When the sun comes up I'll see if they survived the sudden cold blast.  Fortunately radishes grow quick so if I have to replant that will be okay.  The whole list of outside projects scheduled for today will just have to wait for the snow to melt away. Mulching up wet limbs is a messy chore so today is a day to give the body rest and time to recover from all the work outside this past week.  Key to happily living in the mountains is to be flexible and patient.

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