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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8,2012

 When will snow season be over?  My radishes in the earth boxes are wondering why they are outside.  In May in the mountains it can be 75 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next.  Snow is far more common than rain this time of year.  Don't put away those winter coats yet and where are those snow shovels at????
 The hummingbirds are buzzing around wondering why they ever migrated and where did the warm weather go.
 A photo off our deck showing Mt. Mestas and La Veta pass looking East towards Walsenburg.
I thought this was a unique photo with the snow attached to the wire fence.  If my rough figures are any where accurate we have had so far this snow season 340" of snow. That is 28.3 feet of snow so far and we could get more.  Often it is difficult to state with certainty the amount of snow as it will compact or drift making measurement difficult.  Frequently we will leave home and find other area's a few miles away have no snow or less snow.  At our house though, we have give or take a couple inches, around 340" of snow.  Glad I got my seeds planted and hope when the snow melts that my radishes (started inside) survived.  When the sun comes out this will be gone in a couple days.

Hard to believe we were out getting firewood in shirt sleeves a few days ago sweating due to the heat.  We are now burning that firewood to keep warm.  In the mountains you just never know when it will go from bare ground to a foot of snow unless it is after July 4th when we can be pretty certain snow is over.


Patricia said...

Yes, Colorado is unpredictable that way; you just never know what the weather will be like.

On our first visit to FP in mid-May (five or six years ago) it was 80+ degress and we sweated buckets as we hiked around looking at lots. A few years later we visited at the same time of year and there were still big patches of snow on the ground.

Oh well... hot and humid in Dallas already.

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Looks beautiful! We switched to a small coach so we could get out that way more often. For four years we lived an hour south of Salida, miss it a lot. This summer we are workamping in Rawlins, WY, hope to visit in all 14 directions on our days off!

David & Sheila