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Friday, June 15, 2012

Giving Thanks - Sakoieta Widrick (Part 2)

 The men will then gather to sing the Old Women’s Dance Song. Old meaning it is a song that is a ceremony song from way back at the time of our people’s creation. The women will dance and renew their strength as woman and the carriers of life for the nation. Then the women will line up and begin to sing the seed songs that speak about one more year of life for our gardens and our new borns who will come from the Sky World to bless us with new little babies, until this ceremony is performed next year again. The man will sing their Atón:was or men’s chant and all will speak words of thanks gving for the life that is here now and for the life that will come. During the ceremony we will play the peach bowl game again. This time the men against the women to decide who will plant the gardens. In our culture the winners of the game are the ones who get to do the work, not the losers. Everybody gets involved in the game hoping their side will win. To do this work of planting gardens is seen as an honor. When the game is finished we will gather together to dance the Creator’s Dance known as the Great Feather Dance, to give thanks back to the Creator that we are here for another year to complete these ceremonies so life will continue. A speaker will rise after the Dance and give the Thanksgiving words and then food will be passed out to all in attendance and we then return to our homes with the ceremony complete so that as we believe, life will continue for another year. 

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