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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Posting Topics

I apologize to all the followers of this blog as I have not been as active on here as I would like to be.  Carol is visiting family in Florida so that leaves me to doggy sit 4 dogs of which one is a geriatric variety, requires more attention and time, plus keep the house clean, prepare meals for the 5 of us, and keep up with communication by phone and email.

Add in the fact that since I reported this blockage of our pristine stream that the various government agencies have turned on each other, that I subsequently have verified that no permits whatsoever were issued, that the board of directors was threatening to sue me for damaging the image of the association and I presume being a responsible citizen for reporting numerous violations of the law.  This has regretfully taken my time and I promise I will check the trail camera and post any worthwhile photos of our visitors.

Life sure can be interesting when you live the ideal life in the mountains.  Stay tuned for a new blog topic in the next couple days.  


Pat said...

I suggest that the LOA has done an excellent job of tarnishing their own reputation without your help… I’ve said to Dave many times, “How did we ever find time to work?”

Barbara said...

Oh yes laid plans! Barbara

Patricia said...

Just two dogs can keep you busy all day (letting them in, letting them out, letting them in, letting them out ...). I don't know how you do it.