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Monday, September 24, 2012

Learning From Nature - Sakoieta Widrick

Learning from nature can be valuable lessons that are not learned elsewhere.  It takes patience and being aware of your surroundings.  Living where we do affords the opportunity to learn from not only the trees, birds, insects and animals but to be closer to that learning source.  Here is what Sakoieta has to say:
From the time I was a child to now, I have spent as much time in the woods as possible, hunting, fishing, camping, gathering medicines, etc. There were many lessons to be learned that taught that life in the natural world has just as much to teach us about living as any human being can. By watching things transpire, it was very rewarding to see how things in the natural world were often done in a manner that followed long range planning. I watched as all the trees and plants mature and shed their seeds. Seeds that were not being shed for snows of winter but for the following spring when life would return to the land. The wisdom that came from the natural way of life taught me not to take things for granted, but to do what needs to be done now, not to lag about doing it or striving to be perfect in every situation, but to do things with long rage planning in mind so the things I do today would come to maturity not only in the tomorrows but also the tomorrows beyond the tomorrows. I often believe that many of our teachings as Rotinonsión:ni people came to us this way. Especially when we understand why we are to do things today so the seven generations of unborn faces yet coming will benefit from our work today. Etho niiohtónhak nonkwa’nikònra.(So let it be in our minds).

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Sunnybrook Farm said...

So much of this thinking is right brained, for many it is hard to right brain as the world demands left brain performance which is often short term in nature, measuring and calculating. Long term goes way beyond that and to take in nature it requires not measuring but observing and looking at a large painting from a distance for it all to come together.