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Monday, October 1, 2012

More Wisdom From Sakoieta'

Sakoieta Widrick

What is wrong with being a spiritual person? It seems with so many that we can admit to being a strong person, an athlete, a singer, a dancer, an artist, an excellent cook and many more natural human professions, but seldom do we ever hear of anyone who admits to being a truly spiritual person. This doesn’t have to mean religious at all and often the two get confused. But we are here on the earth living as a spirit with a vessel that we inhabit for a certain number of days that we call our body. Is it wrong to strive to see growth of our spiritual body and to admit to the things we do to help it to grow? I don’t think so. For to me a spiritual person has the spiritual strength to deal with life when the natural human professions don’t work out like they should or when relationships crumble, or when things look dark. They have the ability to look at others as equals and not to judge or condemn but to have the ability to share the gifts of the spirit with others. They have the ability to give thanks in all occasions for all things and to learn from them. I was taught that a spiritual person is like the water secretly flowing beneath the grass and making it green.

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