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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Photo's Of Autumn

 Two more photo's that I did not put into my blog for Mother Earth News.
The bull is left of center and easily the biggest elk in the photo.  Just happened across this herd on my way home from a friends house a couple days ago.  He left his vehicle at our house and this herd crossed my path twice as I headed home so I stopped to take a photo of them.
If you want to see the other photo's go to:
As I write this the outside temperature is 26 degrees and inside here it is a comfortable 68 degrees.  It won't be long now before the snow starts.  We have been burning the wood stove for the past two + weeks now.  Time to bring the snow shovels out from under the house.  Hope to get the tractor in for service before it is to late with the snow.
Click on the photo and you can see the bull much better.

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Pat said...

The photos are wonderful… Hope you get a little more nice weather before the snow flies…