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Monday, October 29, 2012

Patience Is A Virtue - Sakoieta' Widrick

Not everyone has the ability to wait and be patient. Yet so much of our life follows the equation of we need to hurry to get there or hurry to do this and then when we get there or do it we end up having to wait for a bit. But the reality is, when we have to wait if we look at it as time giving us the time to think, collect our thoughts, pray or just to relax to let the blood pressure return to normal, it all is really beneficial to us in the long run. Learning to be patient and to wait is an art that is seldom practiced in this world anymore. No wonder as a society we have become sick and most of it is from our own doing. We don’t take the time to look after ourselves or be patient enough to make sure we are fully well and sound in the mind, body and spirit before we continue on.

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Raylene said...

.ah yes, stop and smell the roses!