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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Computer Hackers

I tried to sign in to my email account and it said it was being used in some other place. I kept following the links and was able to sign all users off and I changed my pass word. If you use Google Chrome they reveal a lot of imformation. The hacker was using an apple computer, and accessed it through Mozilla 5.0 and a Windows program. They were also in our immediate vincinity in Colorado. Possibly in our immediate neighborhood. I am the only one who is an authorized user on my account.  If you see a window that your system is being used in another location don't ignore it because someone is into your system. Google Chrome is a very good program and they cut off the hacker as soon as I clicked a button to disconnect all users. I was told to change my password and that I did very quickly. 

My present password is a strong and I doubt they will get into my system again.  With all the political depravity going on in our community I have no doubt it was likely someone in our community trying to see if they could access our private emails.  They just recently published other private emails of board members that they had to accquire somehow.  Word of warning:  If you see a yellow message on your screen that your system is currently being used in another location don't ignore it. It is not a malfunction.  If you have Google Chrome it will take you through a series of windows that will disconnect the hacker and while it will not give you their name it will ID their computer and program. 

I had just shut my system down for the night and forgot to check something and booted it back up again and got the message as soon as I signed in.  Probably a good precaution would be shut your program off when you are not using it but I don't know that would keep them out of your account.  We also pay almost $500.00 per year for a computer security program and tomorrow I will call them and see if they can track down the hacker.  If they can one of our neighbors will be in jail. We had our email accounts and telephone calls hacked into before and enough is enough.   


Pat said...

Wow, Bruce – this is serious stuff… I hope you can get to the bottom of it. What a world we live in…

Patricia M said...

Wow! It is hard to believe that someone would sink so low, but sadly some of our FP neighbors appear to be just short of crazy.

What is really sad is that there are so many worthwhile ways that these people could spend their time. There are many local organizations looking for volunteers. Instead these individuals choose to disrupt and destroy. I hope you find them and expose them!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Do you know the owner of the fast diets blog? Are you sure it's not a malware site?


Bruce said...

No but our Tech checked our system out in detail for any malware etc. Richard cleared our system for any malware or other problems. Our email was hacked (according to Blanca Telephone one other time and we changed our email address, stengthened our password, and it stopped. They thought they knew who was doing it but lacked sufficient proof to prosecute them. I think our local hacker is back at it again but we discovered it early and took precautions.
It is currently in the hands of Google and they will check it.