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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Proper Giving - By Sakoieta'

One thing I have learned is despite liking to give to people and help people out, we have to be wise in our giving and particularly wise in what we withold, because it may be what we withhold that would have helped the most. Help of any kind must be wanted and recognized before it can do any good. Too much help where it is not wanted or appreciated can make even a good person helpless. We need to remember always the certain circumstances are not ours to alter. We make the most of it and then go on. We can only be examples and never controllers of other people’s lives, other people’s children, other people’s circumstances. I always hear that if we choose not to get involved that some how we have contributed to harsh events by doing nothing. I do not believe that. I believe some of our best work, some of the deepest caring and doing is not physically done or evident in the beginning. We watch and pay attention so that the gifts we have to give will be used in the best way possible for all concerned and all involved.

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Carol said...

good thoughts, my friend. :)+