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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recovering From Mistakes - By Sakoieta

I remember being told a long time ago that any man can make a mistake but only a fool will continue to make the same mistake over and over. Thinking on this I think also that since we all make mistakes in our life only a fool would also continue to judge a person by the one mistake that was made and then never allow themselves to move past it. When we or others have fallen short of or missed the mark we can choose to recognize it and leave it there where it happened. There is no use in stirring an old mistake into every new thing that we do. There will always be things that seem to break our hearts, pain that will go on and on. But we do have the ability to work through it. We grieve for the loss of things, or persons or ache for what we cannot do to change situations, but there does come a day when the sun shines through. Time heals more quickly when we decide to let it. Our main understanding is that we can only take responsibility for our part in all things and leave others to carry theirs.

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Karen Zilverberg said...

Well spoken. You have much wisdom.