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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Gypsy

 Gypsy would have been 16 years old today.  We miss her alot. She was a sweet girl that was happy right up until she became very sick.  We are happy that she is frolicing in the fields of heaven because she was perfect in every way here on earth. She had so many good features that room would not allow them.  She was just a very good girl that was totally devoted to her family.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GYPSY....Wish you were still here.


Carol said...

happy birthday, Gypsy! we love you!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Gypsy from us as well! She is definitely a beautiful girl J God is now enjoying her beauty J

DogMom said...

She was a very beautiful girl and blessed to be a part of your family. My sympathies. -Caroline, aka DogMom