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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thinking Through Problems Rationally - By Sakoieta'

One thing I relearned again, after having to deal with some traumatic family events is that sometimes in life we just have to learn to take living in stride, to side step a great many things and completely ignore a great many more. When we do this we can then rid ourselves of things we have saved for no good reason, whether they be physical, emotions we have carried, or thoughts that have no place within our minds. We then have room for things we really do want in our lives. We’ll find we will worry less about trouble, while still knowing some people need it just to feel secure, but we no longer do. When we do this we will be happy just to be able to take time to sit or do things or visit and spend time with people or things that make us just basically happy.

Editorial comment: 
Sakoieta' has a methodical and intelligent way of approaching topics that are often over looked in our every day  busy lives.  It is a pleasure to post his wise, well thought out. inspiring and challenging comments to this blog.  He is a rare person in our hectic self absorbed world and posting his comments hopefully will lead us to a more well balanced and grounded life and give us pause to think.  I find his comments and observations on life a tremendous value and hope other readers find them equally helpful. It is especially rewarding to have him as a friend whose wisdom continually speaks to my very nature.  Sakoieta' a rare gem in a field of rocks... When he reads these comments he will feel them totally unnecessary due to his truly humble nature but I for one am grateful that he is willing to share his philosphy with all readers thereby making our lives richer one small step at a time.  


Robert said...

I see that you and Sakoieta are at it early with wise words of wisdom.

Carol said...

I couldn't agree more with both of you! Thank you for posting Sakoieta's words.