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Sunday, April 7, 2013

USA Costilla County, Colorado

 Here are some photos I took on a recent trip to town in Ft. Garland.  This public park is right on Hwy 160 and I drive by it often.  Every once in a while I stop and read some of the names on the granite wall and reflect on our freedom in this country and how it comes with a price.  I took these photos for a blog I have submitted to Mother Earth News magazine.

For being a relatively small population Costilla County residents honor their veterans with great esteem and pride.  I just like to stop and read some of the names and reflect on my own military background.

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JD said...

Just read your latest blog. I have stopped by and also reflected as well. I was surprised with the area as well, based on the size of Fort Garland and it's population.
Another nice read............Thanks