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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tweeking Our Wildfire Prevention System

Our misting system arrived from Advanced Systems Co. It will cover up to 50 feet and we will install it across the front deck to use in case of any wildfire hazard. Dealing with Jon Offerdahl the system designer and salesman made this purchase easy. When you stop to think about it a mist system is the ideal choice for remote living. When all the wildfire mitigation has been done a mist system is just the thing for that last area of protection for a deck.  If it gets hot in the summer having a mist system serves as something to cool you off.  

For more information on this system or to purchase a system that is right for your needs call the number on the card below or go to their website at  

If you happen to live remote and have a well like we do it is necessary that what ever you use doesn't drain your well.  A low pressure mist system will run for days without placing any stress on your well.  Seems to me to be a good solution.  Even though there is no guarantee your home won't burn anyway, this is a sensible safeguard that should improve your chances.  

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