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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Installing A Mist System

The mist system has been installed and seems to be working well.  Since it emits a very fine mist I have noted that when the wind is blowing 20 mph that the mist drifts on the wind. Since the house faces down the mountain and the wind usually blows up the mountain that seems to work out okay.  The wind blows the mist toward the house where it would do the most good in a wildfire. Also when you have a pressure tank the pressure fluxuates and when it gets low just prior to filling up again from the well, some of the mister heads just dribble water.  As young people say now days - 'it is what it is".  Was it worth the investment?  I would have to say since there are no other alternatives that it is worth the $119.00.  It will apply a steady low pressure source of water to the deck to protect the house from flying embers.

Installation?  Installing the system (50 linear feet with 19 misting heads) was a snap. The supplier even includes a little device that cuts the pipe easily and everything just snaps together.  The photo shows me drilling one of the clamps in place which is probably the hardest part of the assembly.  Everything you need is included and the system installs easily.  No one should have trouble with the installation and it is quick and easy.  As I went through the parts I did notice a plug with a stem on it and wondered what that was for but when I had the entire line of mist heads installed I realized that was a plug for the end of the system to make it all work properly.  So if you happen to buy the system be sure to not throw that little piece away as it is intregal to making the system work. The system even comes with a filter that makes sure your water is pure and chemicals and lime do not plug the nozzles.  I was favorably impressed with the system and the cost is reasonable. The mist is nice and fine and therefore when you get hot and sweaty just turn the system on, uncap an adult beverage and sit and  be cooled off.

A system can  be purchased from Jon Offerdahl at Advanced Systems Co. by calling 760-779-1352 or going on line at their website

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