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Friday, June 14, 2013

Keeping Your Word - By Sakoieta'

Promises are like babies, 
easy to make but hard 
to keep..

The past week has been a great week but really disappointing in a few areas as well. It really saddens me to see that very few people honor their word anymore. It seems like this new age of technology has also brought with it the age of questioning. Questioning is not necessarily a bad thing but when it gets to the point where we are in a situation where things people say cannot be accepted at face value it is troublesome. People break their word so many times now that it seems like no one can be trusted anymore. Even though it seems like that we also know that is not completely true. We often assume that certain people are untrustworthy because of what we hear them say and how we see them act. But if we go on this information or hearsay then we are really in no place to judge and should not be judging anyways. Time is the great knowledge keeper because in time we will know if a person is truthful or not. Until then it is best that we withhold opinions and refuse to believe the worst of anyone, even if we have reason to be suspicious.

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