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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Trivia About Our Area

My friend Skip in front of the tree.
Here is a photo of a limber pine from the area where we viewed the wildfire.  I measured this tree a few years ago and calculated the age of the tree and it was roughly 2,300 years old.  It is a real huge tree that was a sapling when Jesus was walking the earth. A mere 2-300 years old. I have been told that this species of tree can live to 3000 years old.  It is on top of a high hill that is buffeted by high winds all year long. Next to the tree are two holes in the ground which we were told the Ute's used to survey the wagon trains about 2-300 yards away to determine which wagon train they would attack.
 Here is a photo of the tree without my friend Skip standing in front of it.  It is over 8' thick and very very old.
 The wildfire that is burning a few miles from us.
A photo of a bear we encountered on our way over to check out the wildfire.


Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: I know I don’t have to say to be safe, but be safe… What kind of bear is that??? What a remarkable tree…

Bruce said...

That is a veeeerrrry large black bear.