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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Being Decisive - by Sakoieta'

I don’t think there is anything as bad in relationships as dealing with some one who is constantly indecisive. People who don’t want to make any decisions as to what to do, whether to let things ride or let things go, to ask for help or just wait to see what happens. Indecision can wreck our whole thinking process and stall us out at a time when we need a clear head to make a decision. Our emotions rise and fall from do nothing to do something. One minute we have a clear cut answer and know what must be done and the next moment we don’t know whether we should do it or follow through on it. In essence this is really backward thinking, going forward and then backing up. It really doesn’t get us anywhere. There is never anything wrong with questioning something, but wavering in our indecisiveness gets everything out of focus. Taking action with a calm mind helps to clarify and give stability to the next steps that must be taken.

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