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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Sarah

Sarah is nine years old and had angle food cake with cherry yogurt for icing. Sarah is such a sweet girl that has come a long ways in the past few years since we adopted her.  She used to be afraid of just about everything but patient loving care over the past several years has transformed her into Miss Perfect. It appeared to us that Sarah had been severely abused in her earlier life. It has been a long haul but her prior fears have been conquered one at a time in that time to where she actually has a normal life now - a very happy life where she is pampered, spoiled and spoiled even more.
Happy ninth birthday Sarah!!!!


Bruce said...

Comment by Jane: YAY! Happy Birthday, too, from Punkin, Lil Bit, Baby and Chico here in Wickenburg! J we’re partying with you, lady J

Anonymous said...

We just wanted to say how delighted we are to meet you both in the new book on Modern Day Pioneers. Maybe one day we can meet in person. Your story is wonderful and so encouraging. We have posted a blog link on our site back to you for our readers. Feel like we already know you! "North Trapping and Bush Life" in Canada.