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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I apologize for the less than excellent quality of the photo but this was taken with a flash early in the morning. We have had a little female hummingbird coming to this specific feeder for two years in a row. She is slurping up the nectar on the other side of the one in the fore ground. Two years ago she was chased by another hummingbird and accidentally flew into the window. I saw it and went outside and initially thought she was dead.  I picked her up and very gently stroked her and her little eyes fluttered open. It took over an hour to revive her where she could stand up on her own.

Since then she holds her head slightly off center and fluffs up her feathers when the other hummingbirds are not cold so her collision with the window has some residuals. She migrates with the other hummingbirds and returns to this very same feeder each year. She has a slight palsy and the other hummingbirds chase each other around but not her.  She is left alone and it has been a pleasure to see her return each year.

Yesterday when the feeder was empty she remained perched on it even though I had taken it from its hook. I had to wait until she was ready to fly off to bring it inside to refill it. Hummingbirds have a terrific memory and can remember each flower in their territory, when they last fed at that flower and when it will have available nectar again. For such a small bird they are remarkable and our little female exemplifies that quality. I don't know where she migrates to each year but if she goes to a feeder where ever she is at I hope the people there realize just what a survivor they have in her presence. This girl has demonstrated she is a survivor even with her collision disabilities. I was surprised she returned the first year and now anticipate her presence and enjoy same.


Bruce said...

Comment by Jane: How sweet is this! She is definitely a survivor, and I’m glad that you were able to save her! I saved one once, and it was a sweet victory to see her/him fly off…..just goes to show that it’s the “little” things that most of the time count…. J

Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: How cool is that – compassion in the bird world, who knew? I also liked the bats e-mail. BTW, the geese have taken off… There is a guy with a hay field about 2 miles from here, on the road to Publix. Every year when he cuts the hay, geese flock in to enjoy the fallen grain. He cut it while we were on vacation, and his field is filled with maybe a hundred or more geese… Pretty sure our geese joined up with that flock, and now they are truly self-sufficient geese. As we drove by yesterday, Dave said, “Oh, look… I bet our “children” are over there…” Probably next Spring, at least one pair of geese will nest on the lake again, as they have for several years…