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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Utility Trailer

Years ago when we bought our tractor we neglected to purchase a utility trailer to take it for service.  Once I had the repairman come to fix it here and it cost $451.00 in mileage and that was several years ago. I'm sure the mileage charge is considerably more now. Then the dealer offered to let me use their trailer and the manager even arranged to let me pick it up in Alamosa to cut 25 miles off my trip. I would then drive the trailer home an hour away, load the tractor onto it and then take the 1 1/2 hour drive to the dealer. So now we have a trailer that is easy load with a capacity of carrying the tractor.  The dealership's trailer is longer than our truck and we could haul 4 tractors our size on it easily.

We watch a good friends 8' trailer for him while he is gone in the winter but our tractor does not fit on his trailer or we could use it when needed. Putting our tractor onto a trailer that it does not fit onto is dangerous and prone to losing the tractor en-route. This trailer is a 10' one with a drive on ramp that should easily fit our tractor.  An 8' trailer is just inches short and 10' is plenty big enough to balance the tractor on.  We also have several other uses for a utility trailer so it will be used often. It even came with a spare tire.

I called the Co-op yesterday and had them set aside the 10' trailer. When I got there to look at the trailer they couldn't find it.  It had not been sold and it wasn't found. As we looked around we found another one that had been on the lot for a year or two and had not sold but was by a different manufacturer. He sold it to me for $120.00 less than the one he quoted me yesterday. Good deal.....

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Comment from Pat:Good deal... I'm sure it will come in handy for lots of things.