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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snow With A Cast

We received 6" of snow last night and if we don't keep up with it the accumulation generates far more work in the long run. That means so far this winter we have had 24" according to my count. Not bad for this time of year and usually anything we receive after the last week in October stays until spring thaw.

Carol shoveled a path to the tractor and plugged it in to warm up the engine. I put on snow pants and got them down over my air cast to keep most of the snow out of the cast. Pumped that cast up with air and went out and got the tractor started and got the snow moved.  Had the fracture been to the opposite ankle I could not have done that as the controls are on the right side. The left side does not have any controls that require the use of a foot. Took an hour but we got the snow clear working together as a team and I did not have to get out of the tractor seat except once to clear the snow off the snow thrower.

We have had lots of practice working together and it all came together when we cleared the snow back. Minimized the snow for Carol to shovel and I didn't have to get off the tractor to shovel.  Be glad when this ankle heals....


Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: Gosh, Bruce! This is going to be a hard winter for you guys… have you put the house back up for sale? Moving to Michigan is not going to lessen the snow work, so I suggest you move to Georgia and buy a house in our neighborhood… One of two things would happen: (A) The addition of you and Carol here would definitely dilute the percentage of crazies… and (2) As a force of 4 (plus a few other sane folks), we might actually do something positive!

Bruce said...

Haven't put the house back up for sale yet. We'll have to wait until early spring as couldn't get a moving van up here anyway. Storage in town is not an option.
Afraid you will have to put up with the crazies there for a little longer.