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Friday, December 20, 2013

Animal Tracks

I have been asked over the years about which animal tracks belong to which animal. Recently kickboxingmom wrote about whether some tracks they observed on a visit to our area were bear or possibly mountain lion. Many times you do not see the animal but the tracks will remain where they have passed for several days. The  track above is a bear track.

The one on the bottom is a mountain lion track. Bears have 5 toes and lions have 4 toes. The heel part of the track is distinguishable in both. Both are very large in size and the bobcat track is similar to the lion but much smaller.

The lion track is similar to a dog but much bigger and can go 8-9" in width.  Both animals are heavy so leave a fairly deep impression.  These are the best examples I could find and wolf tracks are much bigger than a domestic dog. They have very large feet and we also have grey wolves.  A dog track is similar to a mountain lion track only much smaller and the heel is different.  I hope this helps identify what track you may see and know which animal has passed through that area.


Bruce said...

Comment by Sakoieta: Good stuff!!!

kickboxingmom said...

Thanks for posting this! Ours wasn't fresh, but I believe it was a bear track :)

BigJim30 said...

Pretty sure that's a canine track.

SD Green Girl said...

this looks like a classic canine track. Single lobe in front of heel, pronounced claws, X pattern between toes and heel, aligned front toes, oval overall shape.