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Friday, December 27, 2013

World View by Sakioeta'

There has never been anything more beautiful than the natural world. It has unbelievable beauty that wakes up the sense of sight and smells that wake up the sense of smell and it has substance, it is solid, it is stable, it is beautiful and real. It is the fullest manifestation of life and spirit. The many different teachings I was taught about spirituality only rang true and I was able to understand even more fully because of experiences in the natural world. There are many who would say there is no such thing as spirituality. It often causes me to wonder how much those people opened themselves up to experiencing the spiritual forces of the Natural World. There have been many experiences in my life and others, through everyday events or through ceremony, where I have seen the Spiritual take over and present itself and it’s power when all other parts of the body, mind and emotions failed. I remember one of the stories I was told long ago. The Human Beings, in order for life to continue and to be able to live peacefully with each other and all living things, should seek and search for the essence of Spirituality. All of the Natural World, after the time of creation, came together to discuss what should be done with this concept of spirituality and spiritual power that would make Human Beings safe to live with since it was known unless they searched it out fully, they would try to use it inappropriately to control the Natural World. The animals of the air wanted to take it to the highest place of the skies to hide it, the animals of the woods wanted to take it deep within the forests to hide it, the animals of the sea wanted to take it to the deepest part of the oceans to hide it. In discussion the animals realized that none of these places would work because there would be a time when Human Beings would travel to all of those places, to the deepest woods, the greatest depths of the oceans, the highest parts of the skies. It was then decided that for the Human Beings to live peacefully with and not try to control the Natural World and to search for the essence of the spiritual in its fullest form, the safest place to hide it would be to put it within the Human Beings themselves because it was believed it was the last place the Human Beings would ever look. Those that did find it would be fully prepared and able to live with others and the Natural World in peaceful ways and life would continue.

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