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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Trip To The Wood Shed

 The bathroom door was finished but the trim that framed it in needed to be replaced. Out to the wood shed again for more rough lumber and voila the trim is finished.
 Shows the edge of the door rounded off to give it a smooth look instead of the more stark appearance by leaving it more square. Adds just enough favorable appearance to the door to give it a unique look.
A close up of the light in the door with the etched hummingbird feeding from a flower on it with the beveled glass edge. Also shows the new trim around the door making it a completed project. On to the next project since the tree to door/trim is done.


Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: Beautiful job... Very creative... What's the next project?

Bruce said...

Mill out more lumber this Spring. Then make a new front door for the house and a new pantry door.

Bruce said...
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