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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frosty Morn

 When I arose this morning at 5:30 to let the dogs out I noticed that it had become frosty over night and thought I would get these photos to share before a breeze came up and blew it all off. With the dark sky and the frost covered aspen trees it was beautiful outside albeit cold.
We were in what I refer to as clouds and the moisture in the clouds covered the bare tree branches. Often here in the mountains the clouds will drop down and it is much like fog except it is clouds that drift through depositing the moisture on the trees in the form of frost. It was such a beautiful early morning scene that I came back inside to get my camera. Enjoy the photos.

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Bruce said...

Comment by Raylene: That is pretty amazing as well as beautiful. There is no beauty in winter here in Northern Virginia most of the time—we just don’t have enough snow at a time or the other necessary elements. It just gets ugly and the traffic issues are uglier. We have about 4” on the ground now and a high of 26 today. They treat the roads with a salt brine that seems to work well—often spraying them before it snows so the road stay clear and don’t get packed down with all the traffic—much improved over the previous method of sanding them. Keep warm. RR