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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Using Your Mind by Sakoieta'

I am always amazed when I work with the students who attend my classes. The human mind is such a brilliant creation capable of so many different things. We have the ability to use our minds in such creative and imaginary ways. I see that with my students. Yet sometimes there is also a danger that we should avoid. The danger is in do we use our minds and imaginations to create goodness, happiness and peace because our imaginations and thoughts can help us create great and beautiful things or do we use our minds and imaginations to create untruths, envy, jealousies and strife. Great suffering has been the experience of those who use their talented minds to bring hurt and pain where there should have been peace, harmony and friendship. Ka’nikonhrí:io is our understanding of being content and using a good mind for all of life and living.

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