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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Self Discipline by Sakoieta'

Self discipline is the most needed attribute for human beings to be able to work and live together in a context of peace, respect and love. What sort of people are we and what type of discipline do we follow? Have we laid aside our inner knowledge of the importance of self discipline and inner boundaries or do we depend on man made rules to guide us in the pursuit of a good life. Every one of us needs something to prompt us to practice some sort of discipline that allows us to live a life of peace, happiness and stability. This prompter should be our own self discipline, rather than man made rules and laws, that can tell us what things are right and what things are wrong that can damage and destroy or give us a better life. Control of our minds and bodies is within our power and with it can come peace and contentment if we allow it and choose it. When these two things begin to fade we know we have begun to lean on others to tell us who and what we are and can or cannot do.

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