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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weird Weather

Usually this time of year we are struggling with considerable snow. This year in mid February we are enjoying temperatures in the mid to upper 40's F during the day and low to mid 30's at night. Our snow is melting away fast. While this certainly can't last we are taking full advantage of it while we have it. As the above photo depicts the driveway is mostly clear and the road is as well. We have only received 95" of our average 264" of snow so far and time is running out for winter. We are taking advantage of the nice weather by removing dead trees that otherwise would be wildfire hazards. I can't remember in 16 years ever starting to thin trees this early in the year.

The east coast and mid-west have been getting all the snow and weather we usually receive. While I'm sure they would want to give it back we are sure enjoying the weather they usually have. Shirt sleeve weather, grilling outside and pleasant days and nights...Ahhh, right here in the mountains. It most likely won't last but while it does we are taking full advantage of this fine weather. Cutting down dead trees that are a potential wildfire hazard. Trimming limbs up 20' and tackling other outside tasks. We have gone two nights and most of the days without a fire in the wood stove. We have to keep reminding ourselves this is the middle of February and not June. Most years we are sledding down the driveway this time of year. If this keeps up we will have all our outside chores done before Spring.

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