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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Choose Wisely

We were told that thalidomide was safe but it turned out it was subsequently taken off the market because it was linked to birth defects. Babies were being born deformed and without arms and legs. Then we were told that DDT was safe and it was widely used and they even fogged neighborhoods with it where it would drift into your home and smelled everything up for days. It was later discovered that it was not as safe as indicated and in fact was depleting the bald eagle and peregrine falcon to near extinction. 

Then they said that 2,4,D was safe and it was contained in almost every herbicide and was the major component in 'agent orange' which killed so many of our veterans with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after they survived the shooting war. Current studies have revealed that is has carcinogenic properties and has infiltrated our domestic water system. But they say it is within acceptable quantities - they say. Recent studies reveal it is linked to several forms of cancer and the EPA has now required it be re-registered. People still use it without paying a bit of attention to the directions in super fine print because they would rather kill weeds than protect themselves, other people, their children and animals. 

They said smoking was safe but subsequent studies reveal that it too causes cancer. 

We are being told that fracking is safe with virtually little risk by the same people who have been telling us other products and procedures are safe. They are dumping the chemicals from fracking in our oceans and say it is safe. People are still lighting their drinking water on fire but it is safe. Little is known about what will happen with those hundreds of toxic chemicals that are being pumped into the earth. Or the chemicals being leached or accidentally put in our rivers and streams.

We are being told that genetically modified organisms (GMO's) are safe. Yet they impregnate seeds with Round Up or 2,4.D, and what is know about that is that it has some carcinogenic properties. People ask to be informed on the package if the product has been modified. No they say, its safe so don't worry about it - trust us. Other civilized countries have outright banned GMO's from their country as being unsafe for its citizens. But we are being told it is safe and not to worry. That comes from the same people who told us other products are safe. 

So choose wisely because it seems there is a pattern here of being told things are safe when in fact they are not. Maybe by the time we find out how safe they really are it will be to late. Choose wisely..


longtimewife Lisa said...

I am afraid at fifty it is too late for me, but I am on a quest to eat organic, I have been gardening for years now 100percent organically. Good post.

Bruce said...

Good for you Lisa and thanks. It is never to late and going organic is commendable. Hooray for you...