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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Compare and Decide

 This is our road in the spring after the grader operator scraped all the road base off it leaving us nothing but mud and more mud.
This is the road of another resident in the community who tells us to stop complaining and whining about our road. Only a select few have roads as nice as this and when we ask for road base or for the grader to at least grade out the deep ruts in our road we are whining. We are also ignored and they do not respond to our request.

We are told if we don't like the roads to move. Lovely people and they sure make sure their roads are groomed perfect but our roads - not so much. What Sakoieta posted about leadership in the earlier blog today sort of fits this scenario.


Bruce said...

Comment by Sakoieta' - Sucks big time. :(

Patricia M said...

I hope the landowners take a long, hard look at this since our election is coming up soon.

I believe a lot of landowners frequent your Blog (as well as potential landowners) and they need to know that who they vote for does affect their investment and the quality of life they would have as a resident.

Bruce said...

So very true Patricia: The county assessor says our property values have declined 25%. Other similar locations have remained the same or increased. I have put the association on notice that their negligence in what they have done to our roads is a major factor and I wish to make a claim against their liability insurance policy. I think other members should do the same as those funds will run out fast. By the way they continue the silent treatment when you ask to have your road graded or road base applied. I was always told when I dig a hole to deep to stop digging. Something they have not yet learned.