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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Labels - By Sakoieta'

Labels have the ability to limit our understanding of who people are. As soon as we are told the label that people fall under we automatically assume we know everything we need to know about them. We need to get beyond the labels and respond to the person if we are ever going to have relationships of value and worth. As well people need to put the labels aside in many cases and refuse to adapt their life to the label and all the wrappings that go with it so that we can get the opportunity to know the real person hiding behind the mask of a label. True friendships and relationships meet on common ground with just the desire of two or more people to be friends and not on the names and labels society would give them. They become, simply put, just good friends despite anything else.


Bruce said...

Very well stated my friend. Something that is done all the time is place labels on people and hence put them in a box. Nice concise description.

Carol said...

we don't hide behind the mask of the label though....the label is put on us and then people think the label applies. not true! get to know the person and decide if the label they have been given is one they have chosen or not. my guess is that most people don't choose to be labeled!