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Monday, June 30, 2014

Focus by Sakoieta'

I was taught that when we do things we should always try to do things with little or no chance of distractions affecting us during the process. In other words learning to focus. Paying full attention to something should be like using a powerful camera that automatically adjusts the light setting and picture style for the most potent outcome. Inattention or not being able to focus is like sleeping on the job and the camera then produces a fuzzy or out of focus image. So what do we want? To continually have our work produce fuzzy images that are still a bit identifiable and still allows us to get by for a time or sharp clear images that show our work at it’s best. Someone may claim they are an excellent "photographer". They may have the right personality, the right look, the right smile and the right lingo to make you believe them. This may work for a time but eventually we get to the substance and if the substance doesn’t measure up to the hype we see that the hype was also deceiving not only to others but also to themselves. Give the things you do your full attention and focus. Give it substance, make it real, make it work.

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