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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spraying Herbicides

Check out the latest blog for Mother Earth News on spraying toxic herbicides and the efforts to get those spraying to do it right.


Bruce said...

Comment by Michelle:I just read the article on pesticide use in Mother Earth News and it could be my story in frustration here in NY.

As a person with MS and a breast cancer survivor, I have been fighting with the lawn spray companies for the last 15 years here in NY.

You covered the points well... We are killing the environment and taking ourselves with it for green lawns.. Michelle

Bruce said...

Thank you for your comment Michelle: You make the point why we need better laws to protect our environment and ourselves and our pets.
You must be one tough lady to deal with the illnesses you have to deal with.
Here in Colorado they have a law on the books that if you have a medical condition that is aggravated by pesticide or herbicide spray that you can make the applicant post signs and use extra precaution when spraying around your property.
Of course that does not apply to non professional applicators nor does it pertain if you live in an apartment complex. It also puts the burden on the person affected to get certification from a medical doctor. That assumes that the same applicator will do the spraying each time also. It is a hollow worthless law that sounds okay but has zero value when it comes to application.