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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We have commercial grade carpeting in the back half of our house and with three dogs we need to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year. After checking around we decided to use Pro Clean out of Alamosa, Colorado, owner operated by Domingo Estrada. He has proven to be professional in getting the carpet clean and getting the dog smell out.

 This year we decided to have the loose Berber rug in our living room cleaned as well. It is over a cherry composite laminate floor that should not get wet. No problem, roll it up, carry it out to our deck, spread it out and Domingo can clean it right on the deck. The photo below shows how nice and clean it is with no stains or traffic wear spots.

Pro Clean is very reasonable and their service is friendly and professional. Domingo is always looking for solutions and mixtures that work better and while he continues to seek new methods and chemicals his current system is more than efficient for our purposes. Fresh smelling clean carpet. We would highly recommend Pro Clean for regular carpet cleaning.

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