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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Special Relationships

We have a special relationship with some of our wildlife. When we first moved here a doe we called Daisy came around with her two fawns and took a liking to us. Then the fawns came back a few years later and one male would walk right up to me without any fear or hesitation. That was Junior. Junior lived to old age and didn't come back one year so we assume he died. Now his younger sister by several years also an off spring of Daisy comes around and will get within a few feet of us.

We don't know who Juniors or his sisters dad was but we strongly suspect he may have been a traveling man. We also have a female black bear that would raise and train her cubs at our house. When we see a bear now we often wonder if it is one of her cubs. Contrary to what is in the media and other sources we have found the bears to be very good neighbors. Far more respectful than most of the two legged kind that lives here in this little paradise.

We enjoy living with our wild neighbors and having them accept us as part of their environment. Check out our latest blog for Mother Earth News at: It is all about Junior and our experiences together.

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