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Thursday, July 31, 2014

That Time Of Year - Pack Rat Time

Here we go again - pack rats (wood rats) looking for nesting places. I caught this one on the deck last night in a live trap. This is a smaller one which means it is probably the female. Now I have the male to deal with and I think I know where he is at. These little buggers look cute but they are destructive and pests. They can build a nest under the hood of your vehicle overnight using the wiring insulation, vacuum hoses and hood insulation. Their nests are full of twigs, mushrooms and about anything they can carry. Then the pee and poop on everything and the smell is horrible.

Each year at this time they start looking for a good secure place to nest and raise their young. I took this one down the road and turned it loose as I don't like to kill them regardless of how destructive they are. Some people I know catch them and turn them loose at other peoples houses. That is probably the lowest form of human I know. One year we were recipients of 19 of them. I take them where they can live away from homes. We keep our hoods up on our vehicles since they seem to prefer closed spaces. Let one get at your wiring harness and they can cause thousands of dollars damage.

So Mrs. pack rat has new digs and hopefully we won't see her again. As she was scampering  off I did think I heard her yell back "I'll race you home", in which case I'll have to set snap traps. These rodents have also been known to chew the insulation off your electrical wiring and cause house fires. We have chicken wire sealing off our wiring so first they will have to chew through that which I suspect they would do if they wanted to. Like I mentioned, they are also smart little buggers.  


Bruce said...

Comment by Jane:
No kidding! We have had our share of dealings with ours here on our two acres….ate through our truck wiring and made a nest on top of a battery in another truck – they are everywhere but we have managed to deter them from setting up shop here any longer J we have all of our vehicles in our garages now, and only have to deal with our barbeque grill that’s covered outside – but hopefully we’re out there enough that they haven’t moved back – they are cute little buggers though….i always was the “hamster” type as a kid J but you’re right – their destruction is far away from being cute – that’s for sure J also heard that putting Softener sheets under the hoods worked at deterring them– don’t know if you’ve heard of that one….

Carol said...

Jane, people in our area leave hoods up....a stick or piece of pipe. They don't like open places!

Bruce said...

Comment by Raylene:
Most interesting…they are cute but definitely a pesky breed. I used to “run a mouse relocation” unit of one….hate to kill the adorable meadow mice but they can be a nuisance/danger as well. I would mark an X on their backs with a magic marker and it was two strikes and you are terminated. does that qualify me as a bad person?

Bruce said...

I caught the mate to the one I caught earlier last night. They are now both in a new home down the road...