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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Mud And Dirt Plan

As I previously posted we just had our carpets cleaned as the dogs and we tend to track dirt or mud in when it rains outside. We have a plan we hope will eliminate this. Above we have planted grass in the pathway that we hope will eliminate tracking in dirt or mud. We also have a piece of old carpet that the dogs walk across (most of the time) to grab dirt before they get in the house.  I'm not fond of seeding the entire back yard as then the grass has to be maintained and I see no need of that. The seeded area is starting to sprout and hopefully it will grow in thick enough and re-seed itself where it will take in most of the dirt the dogs pick up on their feet. With the dogs in and out a dozen times a day and us even more this plan needs to be a good one to work and hopefully this will do it. 16 feet tracking in each single day needs a workable plan.

The second stage is we have placed micro fiber carpets just inside the mud room door that are designed to collect and hold 7 times their weight in mud and dirt. Pretty pricey but if they work as advertised well worth the cost. If they actually hold that much dirt and mud I will probably need help in carrying them to the washer. They are very heavy to start with. We should have had a plan earlier but this year it seems muddier than usual so it became necessary.  Will report results later...

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