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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Judge Prematurely - By Sakoieta'

The most common reason for us not liking someone is because we don’t know them. We may tell ourselves it has to do with the way they dress, or the way they look or talk or a variety of other excuses. That’s all they are excuses. The real tragedy is we often judge right away by the way they look. Underneath every face is a real person with real problems, real needs, real value. To them we may look secure and it may make them uncomfortable, wondering if we are going to greet them as a friend yet unmet and accept them as they are or not. Yet we all have pretty much the same fears, the same needs and the same value. Every friendship could take shape more quickly if we would speak and smile, even when there is no obvious response. I know people who walk around and their faces look as if they died years ago and they seldom smile with a real genuine happy smile. Yet they would be so beautiful and handsome of they just let it out and smiled and carried the energy of true friendship

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